Consignment terms
For our esteemed partners, our consignment process is both elegant and efficient.
We'll deliver the cookies and display box to your location, accompanied by a form detailing the quantity and recipients. Our weekly exchanges ensure a fresh supply of BUMI's delightful treats, reflecting our commitment to "freshly made daily."  Payment will be conveniently handled at the end of each month, with an invoice submitted for the sold cookies at the price of 30K per piece.

To ensure a seamless partnership, we recommend each associate gather sales data from the initial 8 weeks before opting for COD purchases. This prudent approach allows informed decisions based on the comprehensive report. Upon delivery, the cookies will be accompanied by an invoice, which should be settled on the same day. In case of any delay, the transaction will automatically
transition to our consignment setup. The price for COD orders is set at 25K per cookie, maintaining our commitment to excellence.


In our refined wholesale setup, a minimum order of 100 cookies is required, providing you with the flexibility to collect them over time.
To benefit from a lucrative opportunity, an upfront payment of 20K per cookie is mandatory. By doing so, you effectively double your initial investment, given the retail price is set at 40K. We strive to ensure our partners have a comprehensive understanding of the available options, empowering you to make the best decisions for your success.

The BUMI Team

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